The Simplified Guide to Being A Little Bit Happier

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What Does It Mean?

Something that gives you light fills you with joy and warm, fuzzy feelings (note: perceptible warm and fuzzy feelings not actually required). It can be other people, it can be a thing, it can be a hobby or activity, something you do for someone else, or something you do for yourself.

  1. Creating something of my own. File under: writing, videography, and photography. Anything like that fills with me with great pleasure and joy because it’s something I made myself, and usually, I have something important I want to say with it.
  2. Doing things for others, primarily through volunteering, but also acting on opportunities to show kindness in daily life. I like feeling like I matter, making a difference, doing good. I think most of us identify with that. I recognize it as something really near and dear to my heart.

What Gives You Light?

It’s your escape from the world. Your comfort. It’s what makes you, you. It can be a mixture of your passions, interests, and values. You’ll know it when you feel the impact it has on you.

You might easily be able to identify the things that give you the most joy, or you might struggle to make such list. The great thing about coming up with your list is that it doesn’t have to follow a set formula or consist of specific elements. It can be something you’re passionate about, or specific activities or events that make you feel that rush of joy. Whatever it is, it’s something that can’t be replicated through other means. This is all about your personal experience, and no one can tell you what that is.

The Results

Would I say I’m “happy” now because I do what gives me light? I’m not going to say that. In fact, I’ve stopped thinking of happy as some destination I have to reach. I can feel joy and love and light from all these activities and experiences. I am fulfilled and content in ways I wasn’t before. I can be happy, as a passing state of enjoyment, instead of a default state that I have to be in all the time.

Writer at The Unplug Initiative. Mental health advocate. Doing my best in the pursuit of self-improvement.

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